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Digital Photography Workshop

taller fotografia cabecera

Learn how to make the most of your digital camera.

      The course aims to teach students to capture their best photographs through the process of drafting (sorting the camera, photography, digital retouching and printing). Involving tutoring on how to take the best photos of the year regardless of the resources available and the camera that we use, whether professional or iPhone.  The course includes a photographic trip and exhibition of your final works.


Part 1. A presentation of the course and participants. Involved in this part of the course:History of Photography. Basic Camera Handling. Speed, shutter and focus. Colour temperature. Composition, photometry. Use of flash, opticals.


Part 2. Discover your own way of expression. Concept and light. Screening and analysis of the great international photographers. How to make your own small photographic studio. We create a lot from a little. Travel photography. Reports. Portraits. Books. Fashion. Interior Design. Introduction to advertising and still life. Artistic Photography. Lomography. Photography in motion: Stopmotion and timelapse.


Part 3. Basic notions about image processing and digital edition with Photoshop. We’ll make a group photographic excursion in the city centre or area local to where the course is being provided. Visit to a printing press. Exhibition of works.For all those photography fans who wish to understand and improve the use of your digital camera.


taller fotografia fondo


Requirements: In practical classes students must come with their own materials.

Duration: Variable between 15 and 40 hours.

Price: Ask for quote without obligation at xisfer@gmail.com.






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