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Stopmotion Animation Workshop

taller stopmotion cabecera


           The stopmotion is one of the oldest techniques of animation, and most used in the industries of cinema, video clips and television. It involves taking photographs of an object, making slight changes to the scene between each take – either in position or shape – to combine these images, one after the other, and create the illusion of motion. The principle is very similar to that of film, in which 24 shots per second are needed to capture a single, fluid movement.    In stopmotion however, there is no minimum number of shots necessary to achieve the animation.

Make an Animation Shortfilm: you can do it too!

During this workshop, we propose a small revision to the history of and current state of animation. We encourage you to make your own stopmotion animation works, because with little we do much! So yes, we need patience.

We studied the process of making an animation shortfilm as well as a feature film. To put into practice what you’ve learned we encourage you to make a micrometraje with the technique based on history.

In this way we practice all stages: screenplay, skyboard, design and construction of characters, animation and installation. You will learn how to use the basic equipment required; the camera and computer, lighting bulbs, and of the tricks to model and optimize production.

We will use professional software like Dragon Stopmotion, Premiere and Final cut.

A possible adaptation, with respect to materials, is making the micrometraje with recycled and reuse others which have lost their function. The theme can be predefined or free.

We will also have a particular emphasis on the technique of time-lapse.


taller stopmotion fondo               Thanks to JJ.Guisado for this picture.


All those fans of the animated film and/or students of Audiovisual
Communication, Photography or Filmmaking.

No previous knowledge (artistic or cinematic) required.

Audience: Youth and Adults

Duration: 9 hours (3 days)

Price: Ask for quote without obligation at xisfer@gmail.com






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