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Timelapse Workshop

timelapse cabecera


      The timelapse technique is an audiovisual resource which is currently in high demand. On a professional level, timelapse is being used in advertising, television, film, documentaries, video clips and audiovisual projects of all kinds. In just a few days you will learn the techniques of capture, editing and assembly of the timelapse, until you reach the level of HDR without trouble. A minimal team required to discover the creativity of photography in motion. New tools will be used: Intervalometros, motorised tripods, two- and three-axis motorised slider movements, film photography techniques and software specific to mount timelapses.


Introduction and history of the technique. What is a timelapse? How to make a timelapse. Use and applications. Visualisation of professional work. Workflow: capturing images and retouching. Use of basic equipment: intervalometer, tripod, camera, objective. Use of composition and photographic visual aesthetics applied to the video.


THEME 2. PRACTICE. (Duration 3 hours).
We will take a trip outdoors to put theory into practice. Location of planes and capture workflow. Advanced movement techniques. Motorised slider, panoramic movement.


THEME 3 PRACTICE. (Duration 3 hours).
We will take another trip outdoors to put theory into practice.


THEME 4. EDITING. (Duration 3 hours).
Download and classification of timelapses. Workflow with Lightroom 3 and Camera Raw. Edition of the timelapse in Lightroom 3. Simulation of camera movements and stabilisation of images with FinalCut. Formats of exportation for integration and editing in video montage.


timelapse fondo


Duration: 1 weekend

Requirements: Students must have
basic knowledge of photography

Capacity: up to 15 people

Price: Ask for quote without obligation at xisfer@gmail.com





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